Subwoofer Design

This subwoofer was designed to fit into the entertainment center I am planning.  (The design for the entertainment center will not be complete until I have finished the surround speakers.)  I reserve all rights to these designs and images.

Subwoofer Design (top and front walls and coving are hidden)

Features of the design:

  • Closed box design (acoustic suspension).  This produces a more accurate sound than ported designs.  The trade off is the box is bigger.
  • The walls are a 1.75 Inch thick plywood and MDF sandwich (with 1/4 inch foamed urethane core – not recommended).
  • The interior is coved to reduce resonant peaks.
  • Cavities behind coves are filled with 95 lbs of sand for additional dampening.
  • Driver: 15 inch, 500 watt  Dayton RSS390HF-4 15″ Reference HF Subwoofer 4 Ohm.
  • 500 watt Dayton class D amplifier that I picked up on ebay on sale from Parts Express.
  • Exterior dimensions: 40 in wide (at the back), 22.75 in deep, 20 in tall.
  • The right side is angled at 10 degrees.
  • The amp is in a separate partition sealed from the speaker enclosure (as the amp is not sealed enough).
  • Interior volume (speaker enclosure): 4.0 cu ft.
  • QTS is .77
  • Weight: over 350 lbs with the driver and amp.

Next: Building the Box


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