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DIY Riveted Vias

I have developed a method for easily and cheaply creating riveted Vias for circuit boards.

  • A Via is a connection that goes from one side of a PCB to the other.  There are times that you want to electrically or thermally connect the two sides of a board, and a regular commercial or soldered Via will not work – for instance a via in a home-made board may be under a chip and must be flush, or one is in a SMT pad and you don’t want the solder to wick down a via hole, or the via may need better thermal or current carrying capabilities.  Here is the full article, now updated with more photos.

Update: I am building a test board with 100 vias in series, and a Themal Cycling Test Rig to determine if thermal cycling will cause failures in these kind of copper via rivets in FR4.  See above.


Perfect single or double sided PCBs with the Toner Transfer Method

I discuss my method of creating perfect single or double sided PCBs using the Toner Transfer Method.

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My prototype A3987 stepper motor controller (50v 1.5A) with riveted thermal vias, with added 1/2 current semi-sleep mode, and 8 status LEDs (my first SMT board so the soldering is not perfect).