You Can Order Your Glasses Online… Can you say Discount!

Did you know there is a massive markup for glasses frames and lenses?   How much do you think?  100%, 200%?  How about 1000%!!

Did you know you can order good glasses online with your prescription for as little as $16 or less with shipping?  Yes, it takes about two weeks to receive them, fine!

The markup on anti-reflective coatings etc is just as bad, it cost me $50 from my optometrist last time, but only $5.00 online!  Yes I know they have overhead, staff etc.  But that’s just a ripoff!

There are several sites online where you can order them.  One I like is  I ordered 4 test pairs (for myself and my brother) with spring hinges for a total of about $50 including shipping!  I’m very happy with them!

The price of the frames includes basic lenses with scratch coat!  You can order with many kinds of upgraded lenses (polycarbonate for + $15.00), polarized, basic anti reflective $5.00, and even oleophobic anti-reflective (fingerprint resistant) coating $15.00 on some of their lenses.  Yes, you can get bifocals and transitions.  There are many frames to choose from including titanium for not much more.  Note that the basic anti-reflective coating makes it harder to clean your glasses, so try the oleophobic kind if you can.

The really nice thing is that you can make a profile and save your prescriptions how you want them.

  • I saved several prescriptions for myself with various strengths, for computer work, for closeup work, and super closeup (when inspecting SMT PCBs).
  • I adjusted my “computer” prescription by minus .25 diopters for both eyes because my optometrist had made them a bit too strong.  Now it’s perfect!
  • I also noticed that my optometrist had gotten the angle slightly wrong on my astigmatism, so I just changed it by a few degrees and now it’s perfect.

You can upload a picture of yourself and try various frames on them.  If you don’t know exactly what size frame to get, just measure your current pair, then compare with the measurements they show.  I know that their “medium” frames are fine for me.

The one thing you may need that your optometrist doesn’t usually write down on your prescription is your pupil distance “PD”.  This is the distance between your pupils.  Some people do not have the same distance between the center of each pupil and the center of the bridge of their nose, although I don’t think a small difference matters really.  The website tells you how to measure this, or just ask your optometrist to write your PD down when you get your prescription!  They might not like it, but who cares!

Now you can have a few spare pares and get them exactly how you want them!  Get a pair of prescription sunglasses! Get a few spare pairs for your child!  Note that for children it’s recommended to get polycarbonate lenses.

You may have to make some minor adjustments, such as adjusting the nose pieces with needle nosed pliers.  No big deal, it’s worth it!

When you buy frames from an optometrist now, they usually come from China.  Well these glasses do also…  That’s the way it is nowadays.


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